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Friday, May 02, 2008

Uzès 2008.05.02

Jean-Yves & Silvia met us at the gare de Nîmes and drove us up to Uzès where it is just lovely today - plenty of sunshine, warm and plans for a hike this afternoon. More news later.

UPDATE: The hike, starting from the church in the lovely town of Boucoiran-et-Nozières, turned into a sort of "Lost Key" treasure hunt as it turned out we were retracing the steps of Arthur, Jean-Yves' son, who lost the key to his Citroen BX the day before. After a couple of fruitless hours of searching we gave up. See here more info about this town and others in the area.

Evening found us, as our own personal tradition dictates for the first night in the region, for dinner at Anne-Marie and Christian's (Happy Birthday to him!) crêperie Les Caves de Collias. We ran into René (the scupltor), two of his children and his sister & brother in law - so we all got one big table together. Lucky for me as I got an insider's look (thanks to sitting next to Rene's son, Henri) at Grand Theft Auto (I sat next to Henri, the 14 year old PSP addict) - and finally have an idea of what all the excitment for GTA4 is all about - it is truly light-years advanced from the video games of my younger years (if somewhat amoral). In any case this kind of doesn't get any better than here ... and they aren't even Bretons!

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