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Monday, May 12, 2008

Lundi de Pentecôte

We're heading up to Saint-André de Valborgne for the day. Some hiking, some lunching, some fun!

UPDATE: Little hiking, fine lunching, more drinking and talk of caviar (no, we didn't have any ... but did you know it is also produced in France? Yes! See here.)

Lots of kilometers on winding, not to say very twisty, roads ( see below) up from Saint-Jean-du-Gard (where Anne our friend lives - sadly she was not home when we stopped by).

Dinner, en trio, with Jean-Yves followed by viewing the French film "Les Côtelettes" (strange - but then aren't most French film strange for me?) ... where's the action?! Anyway, Death never looked better (well, when she makes an effort).

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