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Friday, February 18, 2011

After the Koreans, the Japanese...

Again with Benjamin, but lunch this time, at the ever-reliable, ever-delicious and ever-inexpensive (that's three for three in my book) at Higuma.

I had the Yokisoba (the photo to the left) - prepared before my eyes at the counter (the best place to eat; you can watch the chef ply his magic) while Benj had a hearty soup and a beer. Odile went for the Miso Lamen, served as a "set" with 7 gyoza (meat-filled raviolis; worth the trip to rue Sainte-Anne in their own right).

Afterwards (it was a late lunch: 3pm-ish) we stopped in at Epices Roellinger - a wonderland of spices, herbs and oils, all dreamed up by the famed chef from Cancale.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kookil Kwan

At Benjamin's suggestion we joined him at this excellent Korean restaurant. Again at his suggestion we ordered some openers - including a dish unknown to me, pajeon (a pancake-like dish, seen at left)- quite delicious - washed down with a half-bottle of makgeolli (and 2 glasses of red wine ... after all we are still in France).

For dinner we each had a different dish. I ordered the Pork Bulgogi (delivered table-side on its own little stove). All dishes accompanied by banchan (side dishes), including the ubiquitous kimchi (fermented cabbage) and greatly  enjoyed by all three of us.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter will break soon...

Paris as I love it today.

We went to see Fabrice Luchini do his stuff at Théâtre de l’Atelier. His "stuff" this afternoon was to read from the writings (primarily, but not only) of the philosopher Philippe Muray. Fascinating texts, superb and idiosyncratic delivery and much that was illuminating ... and (mercifully) funny. There was even a riff, early on in the piece, on "innovation"!

Right after the theater we hied ourselves over (we don't get to do as much "hieing" as I'd like) to l’Eglise Sainte Elisabeth to hear a concert (including a good dose of jazz tunes) by "Le Choeur International de Femmes de Paris". My favorite? The sadish-sounding but hopefilled ballad "The Rose".

A new friend of ours, Florence, sings in the group, and afterwards we went with her and some of her friends  to have a drink nearby. I was angling to have everyone go to "Merce and the Muse" for coffee/tea (heard about it here ... and I promise myself I will return soon as it is conveniently located near the Marché des Enfants Rouges), but since she closes at 5:30pm on Sunday we ended up next-door at Café Crème, which proved to be just lovely.

Then back home for R&R (Rest and Read) ... I am deep into Dan Simmons "The Fall of Hyperion" .

Les « Hautes de GammeS »

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011

Slamming doors, mole poblano ...

We went (with her parents and other friends) to see Félice in the play by Georges Feydeau, "Tailleur pour Dames". Quite amusing bedroom farce!

Afterwards we dined next-door on the rue de Lappe at Cielito Lindo, owned/run by Maurice and Ana (he used to live in Myriam's building).

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Today "La Chandeleur" is celebrated in France. On the non-religious side it seems to be an excuse to eat a lot of crêpes (the French cunningly having replaced the original Pan-inspired candles by, of course, something edible).

As I am currently waiting to board my train to Paris from Lyon this evening (and posting thanks to the free WiFi at the public library here) I will delay my gratification until tonight when I hope Odile will agree to a stack of pancakes (my version) for dinner!
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