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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dinner at Terzo Mondo

We had dinner with Ulf at this place (where he'll be doing his Kabarett [Anarchie der Mitte] later this month)and met the owner, Kostos. Quite the character.
Some boilerplate: Run by a well-known Greek actor, Kostos Papanastasiou, Terzo Mundo on trendy Savignyplatz has been attracting revolutionaries and fans of Greek cuisine since the sixties. The actor-cum-landlord fled Greece during the dictatorship and is still politically active today. The back room is a meeting place for countless protest movements and if you are lucky, you will witness the guitar-wielding maestro perform his protest songs in person.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Pearltrees - now embedded

 Here is a brand-new function for Pearltrees (the innovative tool that "lets you organize, discover and share the stuff you like on the web") which I have been using regularly for the last few months. 

I find it incredibly useful and empowering. If you click any "pearl" of my pearltree it will activate the browser mode in an overlay. Enjoy going through it and, if you like, consider using it yourself. Go to:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nouvelle exposition à L'usine

We ran into Clément (he goes by his last name) and Totoche at one of our favorite Portuguese restaurants (name on request) at lunch today - totally by chance. A bottle (or  two) or red wine later we decamped to La Commedia for café and now plan to meet at his vernissage tonight.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

La Cité de la Réussite

Last week I received an invitation (via the Greater IBM network) to attend a breakfast session at the Sorbonne, where Alain Bénichou, chairman of IBM France, discussed IBM's vision of "Building a Smarter Planet". Even though early on a Sunday morning (and the same day as the Paris marathon - not that I'm running these days due to a herniated disc) I did indeed get up and over to the Sorbonne (a truly marvelous venue).

This event was part of La Cité de la Réussite, the largest forum for debate and intergenerational dialogues in France. The 2-day event, brings together high-level speakers from diverse professional backgrounds to focus on issues facing the city. Established in 1989, La Cité de la Réussite has been held annually at the Sorbonne ever since. La Cité is a center of public debate for all citizens and an international think tank where leading figures from academia, industry, the arts, sciences, politics, social sciences and religion gather to exchange ideas and confront different points of view.

Odile and I spent most of today there - in three different sessions (I'll add the details later in this same post). Suffice it to say that it was all quite invigorating.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dante's smiles ...

''Les Sourires de Dante" is a little bistro, cozy and quiet (but not too!), on the Place Michel Audiard in the 14th arrondissement - not far from us. They serve "bio" wines and quite good "Italian-ish" dishes.  It has taken over the location that was "Le Godet d'Or" - run by our quirky friend, Jimmy La Watt (who chanced to stop by tonight). The new, and quite amiable, owner is Francis - well-versed in wine (and knows our chef friend Kevin - we all need to go to his place "Autour d'un Verre").

This was our first visit here (it'd been open a bit over a year and a half) and, although not warm enough to eat outside tonight, we look forward to returning.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Allez votez !

We're voting (in France) this afternoon. Et toi ?
More info on French elections here.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring awakenings - L'éveil du printemps

Wedekind is the first playwright to have made the discovery of sexuality a central theme. He speaks of the time when a child changes into an adult. Questions are concrete. Flowers have bloomed, fruits are not yet present. Spring does not spare the characters of this “children’s tragedy”: in the heart of the erotic opening, some of them meet death. In 1891, the questioning of Puritanism and of Prussian education caused a scandal. The play shows youth as it is and not how we would like it to be ... 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

D'après J.-C

Herman Diephuis' dance piece, "D'après J.-C.", inspired by the religious paintings of the Renaissance representing the Virgin Mary and her son, revisits with grace and humor the illusory language of  bodies.

You get an idea in the photo here - where you see our friend Claire (and her partner, Julien ) in last night's performance - the duo has over 300 (!) poses. I especially enjoyed the hilarious multiplication of the loaves and fishes.

Thanks to GG from Switzerland (and Claire) for the tickets. Also a special mention to the first Dear Reader (you!) who can give me a link to the original painting from which this pose is taken (just add your answer in the comments. Merci.
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