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Saturday, May 17, 2008

La Nuit des Musées OR Les P'tits Rocks

Well, the idea of staying up all (or most) of the night going from museum to museum (I had a hit-list of 18 interesting spots) was pre-empted by our friends Dominique & Jacques dropping over in the early evening and us all deciding to go to have dinner at Jimmy Le Watt's nearby.

To our surprise the place was packed and a pick-up band of 12-year-olds were wailing away (impressively) on old rock standards (both French and American). High energy, fairly saavy musically and good looks - we were probably at the genesis of the new Rolling Stones (I askd - they call their group "Les Petits Rocks").

Just so you can enjoy a bit of their gig here, below, is a short clip I shot.

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