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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Some assembly required...

Our friend, Nicolas, has gotten a billard table for his home (le Gare - some nice B&W photos here) and it seems that it requires some assembly (the pool table, not his home!) so we're hiking over there late this afternoon to lend a hand ... then invited to dinner there.

UPDATE: At the "train station" right now listening to some wonderful tangos by a singer Nico has introduced me to: Daniel Melingo. Also got an earful of Alexandre Kinn (tip of the hat to Camille for the lead).

We're tucking into an excellent "Gigot d'agneau" for dinner right now ... so more later.

LATER: More music - (merci encore Camille) some songs from Adèle: "My Same" and "Right As Rain".
And, finally, don't miss "Lake Of Udaïpur" by Le Tone and Rit who sings "Morning Drop". To end (icing on the cake): KT Tunstall doing "I Want You Back".

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