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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

¡ vamos pa’lla !

Off to Puerto Rico in a few hours (the taxi comes at 5 a.m.) ... what a kick!

Heartwarming event: three friends showed up tonight (separately but we've all together right now). Carole (who showed up loaded down with champagne, salmon, blinis and roe for us all), Anne - our courtyard neighbor, and Florence. So, girls, I gave you all my blog address, now it's up to you to leave comments (même en français) - and thanks so much for stopping by.

So, a hop over the "charco" to New York then south to San Juan where we arrive around 6pm local time.

Stop by regularly, dear Friends, as we plan to update the blog more often. Odile will handle the photography!
Bisous les amis !

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