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Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 11 - Hato Rey

I'm leading the second EIS simulation Change Management workshop, all day today, at the Hato Rey campus of EDP College with a group of about 30 professors and administrators.

UPDATE: The day was intense and very positive. The participants really put their "hearts and minds" fully into the simulation role-play and we all feel this innovation has been a very positive first step for improved change readiness and competence for all.

Afterwards some relaxing moments at nearby El Hipopótamo with Odile and Margarita Mergal - who leads the Programa de Estudios de la Mujer y el Género at UPR in Rio Piedras - joined later by Marilyn, the Chancellor of EDP, and her colleague Juan - just back from a 10 day educational trip to Cuba. We had various interesting conversations about educational issues in Puerto Rico and elsewhere.

After a light dinner (tasty black-bean soup) we headed over to the Sagrado Corazón area of Santurce (Benecio del Toro is from here) to see Brigitte. Her daughter Carol was there with her husband Arnaldo and their two children (the grand-daughter heads to France with Brigitte in the next few days). Nice neighborhood close to Condado (but without the tourists) and also near Hato Rey (but without the office towers).

NOTE: For an interesting article by Margarita (in Spanish) click here.

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