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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 7 - Rincón

We're at my cousin Ruth's at Rincón since late yesterday (last night we were out on a deck overlooking the beach with some furious waves coming in - usually the sea is quite calm here).

By the way, the shield shown here (actually a bumper sticker) was designed by Ruth's boyfriend, Hector, and really expresses the feeling here in this wonderful town ... happiness.

We went down the above mentioned "happiness road" (413) to the Calypso Bar on Maria's beach for pre-lunch drinks (and I don't mean tea).

Afterwards we headed to the Tamboo Bar and Seaside Grill for lunch (it's Ruth and Hector's "Comedia") - very nice location, as you can see in the photo here ... and the waves were just incredible!

In fact the high waves (and the Easter weekend) have brought in many, many people to the area (much more than usual according to Hector) - the San Juan Star's headline today was "Monster Surf Closes Beaches Around P.R." - seems these conditions occur only every 20 years or so. Another local newspaper, El Nuevo Día, has a slideshow you can see here.

At Tamboo Hector introduced us to his lawyer's wife, Inés Quiles, who has a radio show called "Si no lo digo reviento" ("If I don't say it, I'll bust" -WSKN 1320 AM) which was broadcast today from here to cover the breaking news ... and waves.

Afterwards we drove over to The Rum Shack (within the Lazy Parrot inn) for coffee, but seems that 5pm is too early for them to serve non-alcoholic drinks! So we walked over to the nearby bananadang - me for a Vietnamese (Iced) Coffee with a cinnamon bun ...and a side serving of a couple issues of the New Yorker. Odile and the others just had espresso. Nice.

Now we're sitting down to an Odile-created dinner of apio, bacalao, arroz, carne (costillas), and more! Buen provecho and come back for more news soon.

PS: To our friends in Paris - sorry to hear about "Les giboulées de mars" ... hope the rain and cold stop soon. Terribly nice weather here - we all must come to Puerto Rico together someday (soon)!

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