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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 9 - Guavate, barrio Beatriz, Guaynabo

Awoke to sunshine and bird song at Marilyn's wonderfuol country home here in Guavate. After breakfast we walked up the road, stopping as we went in artisan shops and scrupulously avoiding going into any of the many, many lechoneras that line this "Roast Pig Road".

In the afternoon, back at Marilyn's, we were joined by my brother Rene and family (including 95 year old Pepita, his mother-in-law, as usual in excellent fettle). We also met the artist, Antonio Carrión Torruellas and his friend Naty. We were all treated to incredibly tasty servings of alcapurias, tostones, pasteles and other traditional dishes prepared by Cecila and Maria, the two sisters of "powerhouse Puerto Rican cooking" - and all that outdoors over an open fire as in days gone by. Fabulous! It has been a day of continued feasting and wonderful conviviality here.

Our lawyer friend Paco also came over and we left in the early evening to visit his home in the nearby mountians - but even higher up. It was absolutely beautiful - the view to the East towards el Yunque (and had it been earlier one can see as far as the sea) and surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. It was even slightly cold (really!) so Paco made a fire outside and we heated up some lechon we gotten at El Mojito on our way to his place. Mighty fine!

We drove back to Rene's in Guaynabo (a short 40 minute trip) and will be in the metropolitan area until we leave on Thursday.

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