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Monday, March 20, 2006

Hasta luego, amigos ...

Today is the last full day that Lara and Daniel are spending in Paris ... such a short but FRUITFUL visit for us ... always great to make new friends.

The four of us went to have dinner at Le Paradis near the Montparnasse tower for a fine, fun time. Of course everyone had escargots for a starter (well, except Odile - naturally the one French person passed on the snails).

Afterwards we stopped at the Rosebud for a post-prandial drink, then (around 2am) walked together to say adieu near their hotel. Luckily the Falstaff pub was still open so we stopped in for a wee doch-an-dorris before parting ways (until a near future, I hope). Mucha ginga!

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Daniel De Lima said...

I am seeing you are very interested on the word ginga, you know something? I did not tell you in Paris, but you have a lot o Ginga. I miss you guys so much. Say hi to Odile. Viva a Ginga e a agua quente!

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