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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


After two full days of beating my head against my new laptop computer I finally have my mail (a half-decade's worth) transferred from my old (and ailing) PC to this gleaming, over-clocked XPed monster. So you all can write now ... I'll actually get your mails!

I plan to get ruthlessly effective in e-mailing (friends, especially) more often in 2006 (since I have no metrics on this blog I don't even know how many people visit it). There remains tons of stuff to copy over but luckily (Saint) Benj told me yesterday that he "happens" to have a nifty Ethernet USB-ish cable that will plug the two beasties together for some kind of unholy mass-transfer! Vive l'informatique !

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Daniel De Lima said...

Dear Jose, you are the most funny person I ever met. Lara and I were so blessed to meet you and Odile in Paris. For ever I will miss and Love you both.


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