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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

D-Day: Anti-CPE protest march


Odile and I are meeting Denis around 3:00pm at the demonstration start point: Place d'Italie.

It's rainy and cool, so that may affect turnout, but at least we, diehards, will be there! YOU coming?

UPDATE: Let's split the difference and call it 2 million people who demonstrated throughout France today. What will that change? Stay tuned ...

With Denis we walked all the way up to the Bastille where we met Janine - we all stopped for a drink nearby and then met again, post-manif, for dinner at Le Bistro de Beaubourg. Good food (as usual - and at really reasonable prices), good post-march conversation and plans for an Indian dinner this Saturday at Janine's in the 19th.

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