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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Dear Readers - Happy New Year 2009 (we're been away at Montigny, busy celebrating and handling the cold [that's a photo at left of the Lion at Denfert-Rocherau shivering in our Siberian weather of late] - so blogging less).

I'm back to training for a marathon (Rome on March 22) - more news about that later. I have some translation projects coming up and will also be teaching at Lyon this month and next - plus sandwiching in a week-long trip to Switzerland late this month. More about all that too in good time.

Hopefully I'll see more of those of you who are far-flung (at least flung far from me) - don't know how, don't know when ... but got the feeling 2009 will pick up in the visits to Paris category (hey, a good way to escape the crisis).

Like I said: mo' later.

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