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Friday, December 19, 2008


Happy bithday to Benj (we got him the book you see at left - shhhh, don't tell him as we don't go over to his place until later tonight - LOL). The book includes a fascinating account of the language (and culture) of the tribe of the Pirahã in Brazil. An overview article is here.

Also, one of our favorite local indie musicians, Pauline Paris, is asking folks to rate which one, of three songs, should be released as a single. You can hear the 3 tunes (which are : Corrida, Suzie d. and X.) by clicking here. Then just post your choice here and I'll summarize them and get them over to Ms. Paris. Thanks for interacting!

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rene said...

Felicidades a todos - Feliz Navidad!

Estamos todos aqui en casa celebrando TODO el dia y preparando detalles para la boda de Jeannette y Jorge.(Skype)

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