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Thursday, December 04, 2008

« A… comme Alice »

The dance creation by Karine Saporta of "A ... like Alice” (based on Lewis Carrol's eponymous work, Alice in Wonderland) was presented tonight at Le Dansoir (an incredible space - well worth a visit). There are two versions - one for children and another for adults - we went to the adult version, natch.

The adult version is enriched by metaphysical comments on being and nothingness... between which Alice oscillates. Insights on the giddiness induced by the phantasm of her own disappearance.

There are also some daring passages, evoking the turbid depths of incestuous desire, also the relational ambiguity between adults and children. Yes, all that, without diminishing the fairy-like dimension of the show. We left at the intermission (enough said).

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