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Friday, January 23, 2009

Truffles are a kind of manna...

It's my party! Well, in any case we're celebrating (with a little c) my birthday today by having a really nice meal "en tête à tête", just me and my Odilta ... and when I say really nice I mean really nice because we're having truffles (like those beauties on the left).

Thanks to our friends Jean-Philippe and Virginie who gave us this marvelous gift of truffles. Stay tuned for what we did with them (and send me your recipes).

UPDATE: Finally the truffles are still unused as we ended up going out for lunch at La Commedia and then dinner at Le Godet d'Or (also called the Godet d'Art - but which we refer to as "Jimmy La Watt" - the name of the highly original owner).

UPDATE2: I want to thank Levni Yilmaz for posting an entry on facebook , and for allowing me to embed his work here on my blog. It is called "Youth & Aging" from his continuing Tales Of Mere Existence. That it showed up on my birthday is just more of a kick! Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

Bon anniversaire ! Joyeux anniversaire ! Feliz Cumpleaños

De parte de Mayra,Cristina,Jeannette, Jorge y Rene

José said...

¡Gracias! FAMILIA ... los esperamos acá en París. --- los JOP

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