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Sunday, November 09, 2008

TDV Hooping

A fun evening starting at Le Théâtre de Verre where we hooked with Jaimie (see her website here) and her mom, Brianne, in Paris from Bellingham, Washington state for some days. We were also joined by Denis, Hélios and his Argentine musician friend, Mintcho (see his site here and playing a "choronga" here). Jaimie got to do some excellent hooping (accompanied by Mintcho on his tiny guitar) for the assembled people at the TDV mixer.

Afterward we all went up to Denis' place for dinner and more music/hooping (Odile practiced and got pretty good!) until around 4am.


Ms. B said...

That was a fun, wonderful evening indeed! Made our visit to Paris such a treasure. I loved the vibrant Le Theatre De Verre and meeting Helios and Mintcho. What a great honor to hoop there, among all the talented and fascinating mix of people.
Lovely dinner at Denis and quite a hoop filled night into early morning. Odile is going to be a very fine hooper.
I am still recovering!

Ms. B said...

Was it a dream...or,did we partake of a sumptuous meal at 12 a.m. with a view of the Eiffel? Well, in the 'dream,' I certainly had fun and was entranced by scintillating company. Merci mille fois.
(oh, and by the way, your social calendar is to be envied, if not duplicated in this hamlet)
(oh, and , yes, Odile became a member of the International Hooping Association)
Brianne Miberi-Berg

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