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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nîmes, Uzès

In less than 3 hours the TGV whisked us from Paris to Nîmes this morning. From the slate-grey skies of Lutetia to the sun-filled azure of (almost) Provence.

We waited for Jean-Yves to meet us at our "regular" cafe near the train station then walked over to pick up Sylvia near the Nîmes amphitheatre - then we drove up to Uzès. Tonight out for some music by friends of Francis (that's him, here, playing guitar last summer).

UPDATE (6:18pm): Over to the old train station of Uzès - click on the postcard to the right to see it bigger (as you may remember it is now a private home - and pretty much has kept its original allure - and was bought years ago by our friend Nicolas). We're doing some prep for dinner here tonight with a dozen friends - after the concert at Café Muscade.

UPDATE (11:58pm): After an EXCELLENT dinner here at the "gare" (merci Anne-Marie for the filet mignon) we've ended up dancing to Paul Simon's "Born in Puerto Rico" (see video below and lyrics here). Dancing with Odile and surrounded by dear friends. Life can't get much better!
And thanks to Iva for a wonderful introduction to the music of her country (Slovakia), you can start, as we did, with this video and then this other video. Enjoy ... we have!

The song above from the play "The Capeman" - a review here.


rene said...

OK- now I AM confused.... Did Jose Feliciano change his name to Paul Simon? Did Paul Simon actually write this song for Jose Feliciano? Is Paul Simon actually Paul Simonpietri? Whose stage name is Jose Feliciano? So many questions....

José said...

OK ... to clarify: written by Paul Simon and then sung by him and José Feliciano ... but the version I prefer (and have finally chosen to put on the blog) is:

But, hey, look for other versions. Am also looking to update the lyrics to best match what's sung. And does anyone know if there is a Spanish-language version?

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