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Saturday, November 22, 2008

M & M

The highpoints of today are the Market at Uzès and our trip down to Marseille.

First thing this morning, however, we headed over to the château Bérard to help a neighbor move some (heavy) furniture.

Afterwards, noonish, we headed over to the marché (where a wicked and frigid wind was blowing) ... if you've never been to the Saturday market in Uzès you can see the video below.

We'll head down to Marseille, about 2 hour's drive, later this afternoon and I'll write an update from down there.

UPDATE: Happy birthday, Béatrice. The party for her XXth (well, you didn't expect I'd actually say!) was a great success! We all had a ball (and me a tad too much champagne perhaps). Béa had made enough to feed over a hundred people (we were only 80+) - a fantastic Cake au foie gras et figues, Vol-au-vent blanquette de veau avec sauce suprême, and more. Everything absolutely delicious!

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