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Friday, February 24, 2006

Musée du Compagnonnage

I had lunch with Odile, Anne and Lowry at a new (for us all) place called Pétula in the 6th arrondissement. Pleasent surprise: reasonable pricing, a more than commendable effort at presentation and tasty dishes.

Afterwards we all went to the Musée - Librairie du Compagnonnage which Lawry had been wanting to visit since last Sunday when we passed by on our stroll. It covers, in part, the long history of the "Compagnons". Asked lots of questions (what were their links to the Knights Templers; how were/are they organized ...) but, irritatingly, few answers

Afterwards we stolled over to chez George (hole-in-the-wall bar with a funky cave - which had a nice fire going in the fireplace below) for a drink before all heading home(s)/hotel.

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