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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Feel my eel ...

I'm off to the 10th arrondissement to grab some eel for tonight's dinner. Slippery sucker!

UPDATE: Once again ... it is well past the witching (or eeling) hour, going on 2:30am and one last die-hard remains (the ineffable, stolid Flo). Excellent Odilized dinner of lemon grassed/gingered eel & pleurotes with saffron rice and bak choy/soja.

Around the highly convivial table: Odile, Lowry, Anne, Roland, Fanchette, yours truly, Florence with discussion ranging from Rudolf Steiner to Freemasons, from the Compagnons to Gian Carlo Menotti. Without mentioning (I will, if I must) my killer-flan-to-die-for (recipe on request) with molto whippéd cream. Ay! Pix to come ...

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I like the clock feature on this blog & the anonymous comments too.
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