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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where is this statue?

Some of you have asked (OK, it was only me) where the statue, that appear on our 2009 New Year's Well Wishes Card (NYWWC - I *guess* that what one calls it), is located in Paris. On the left-hand side of this text you have another photo of the work.

It took me a while and some CSI photo work, but I've located the placement, if not the name, of the statue.

So, here's the challenge to YOU ... tell me the name given to this work (extra points for who sculpted it)! Just add it as a comment. First correct answer wins ... what? My gratitude. Hmm, not enough? Well, let's say I'll stand the winner to a drink in a bistro near this park.

And, to warm up just try to tell me where it is located ... if you "give the cat your tongue" then click here.

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