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Monday, February 02, 2009

Switzerland - France training run

Below is the map of the route I ran today. I guess I could call it a bi-national, inter-faith run, as I ran from the synagogue (rue de la ...) in Porrentruy, Switzerland to the church in Vieux-Ferrette, France. About 2h40m ... and a daunting hill climb about two kilometers before the border. But a truly nice run, with the sun coming out in the latter half, and snow everywhere. Odile caught up with me (by car, easier) about 5 km from the end - and had lovingly thought to bring me a croissant. Quick energy!

The photo just above is the city center of Porrentruy this morning - click on the image to see it larger.

The towns on this run were: Porrentruy, Alle, Miécourt, Liebsdorf, Durlinsdorf, Moernach, Koestlach and, finally, Vieux-Ferrette.

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