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Thursday, September 18, 2008

After a late departure (due to last week's fire in the EuroTunnel the trains are at only about 60% of usual since only the south tunnel is open). Arrival in London at the new Eurostar station, Saint Pancras mid-afternoon with the trip taking about an hour longer than usual ... but, no problem, since we had packed sandwiches (and a couple of bottles of wine!) and we had a very comfortable voyage.

A quick cab ride got us over to the Saint David's Hotel in Paddington - a fairly nice place run by Alex and his parents (from Cyprus) in an interesting area of London (equidistant between Hyde Park and Regent Park (one or the other as my planned Sunday long run option).

The afternoon has us exploring the area on foot and stopping at the Sir Alexander Fleming pub (he discovered penicillin at nearby St Mary's Hospital).

Afterwards Odile and her mother returned to the hotel and I went out for a 10k run east along Marylebone Road. The main challenge was to remember to look the "wrong" way before crossing the streets!

To wrap up the day we went to a nearby Scottish pub (Fleming was a Scot) called the Rob Roy - the name (also a recall of our two good friends in San Francisco!) and the Aberdeen FC shirt on the wall tip one off to this being quite a Scottish venue - made me nostalgic to return to Edinburgh. We had a nicer dinner and later Nick (the groom's oldest brother), down from Cambridge with wife and kids, met us for a closing "snoot".

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