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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jerusalem artichoke and Swiss art/wine

Market day at Mouton this morning so I picked up some topinambour to try a new recipe (stay tuned for results).

Beautifully sunny day so HAD TO stop at a sidewalk café afterwards (work promises to pick up in May so I'm kind of planning ahead - "play while you can" system).

Tonight the Swiss artists association, Visarte, has their vernissage at the mairie in the 6th arrondissement. If I haven't already invited you please consider yourself so invited ... and come (early - around 6:30pm - the Embassy's goodies may not hold out for long!). Hope to see many of you there.

UPDATE: A wonderful time at the vernissage (see a short video here). Afterwards a short dozen (11, to be exact) of us went to dinner at le Paradis. Then post-paradisical drinks at the Rosebud (just the dirty half-dozen). Closing at 2am ...

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