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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ars longa ...

I spent most of the day at the 6th arrondissement mairie helping Myriam and Walter (an artist friend - seen her copping a feel of the mega-Marianne at the town hall) to begin setting up for the opening next Tuesday (18/04) of the visarte (Swiss artists in Paris) exposition . Contact me for details/invites.

One of the other artists allowed me to visit her nearby atelier, which originally belonged to Man Ray (and where he died) ... quite the "art day" for me!

Vernissage tonight of works by our Argentine friend, Luis Pasina, at le Duc d’Enghien (20 rue d’Hauteville 75010). Ran into Juan-Carlos, who also played his guitar and sang.

Afterwards, Odile, Denis and I walked over to a new place (for me) called Dilan for a quite excellent Kurdish dinner. The street has other interesting looking restos/bar - I plan to "work" the area over the near future, yum!

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