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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nice - Day 2

Another fine day in Nice with a trip to the open-air market down at Libération with Jean-Pierre. The air was as crisp as the apples you see in the photo at left. Jean-Pierre has his favorite vendors (especially for cheese and wine) - who are garrulous and also incredibly knowledgable about their products and providers.

On the menu: a light lunch, rest in the afternoon then a pasta, pasta, pasta dinner (not too late) to load up for tomorrow's running of the Nice-Cannes marathon.

By the way, I am bib number 11537. The gun goes off at 8am (yikes!) and I should be doing around 4h30m (or a tad more). You can follow me (in your mind) on the map of the route shown here. Will appreciate any and all postive energy you can send my way!

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