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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My first Eternal City

We've arrived safely at Tieno's (thanks for putting us up) in Rome - near Piramide (see photo on left). My first time ever here in this beautiful city and already I am feeling soooo Italian - 5 kilos lighter, slim and sauve, with a touch of furious gesticulation thrown in, for good measure.

Odile and I eager to go out walking in the neighborhood so, dear Reader, catch you later; any suggestions for things to do, places to see, bars to go drinking at ... just add your comments here or facebook/twitter/e-mail me!

UPDATE: (Planned) This evening we're heading "across the Tiber" (Trastevere) for dinner with Tiéno.

UPDATE2 : Actually we ended up not far from the apartment at La Villetta for a wonderful Roman dinner, a top ten place!

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