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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anthologie de l’Humour Noir

Tonight we're off to the Vingtième Théâtre to see Odile's cousin, Bernard Menez (here in the photo at left) in this play based on the work of André Breton (who said «L'esprit, mis en présence de toute espèce de difficulté, peut trouver une issue idéale dans l'absurde.»)

UPDATE: Afterwards we joined our Greek friends, Dimitiris & Babis, at the Eglise de Saint Constantin et Sainte Hélène, just down from Pigalle, for the candlelight ceremony celebrating the Greek Easter and the resurrection of the Christ. Their friend, Gina, joined us somewhat before midnight and we set out (on what turned out to be quite a trek through Montmartre) to find a place to have drinks (easy) and a bite to eat (amazingly difficult - at that hour). We lucked out at Au Rendez-vous de Montmartre where at first there was nothing to eat off the menu but, where finally, it turned out we could have omelettes, fries and ( minuscule) salad. Afterwards a winey strol to Le Progrès and finally La Fourmi to close the night around 3am.

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