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Sunday, January 27, 2008

d'ici et d'ailleurs

We drove down to Bures-sur-Yvette this afternoon with Myriam for the closing of the expo of the works of her friend Jean-François Guilland - some splendid photos from his world travels. The other photographer, Serge Equilbey, had various type of works - my favorites were his projections of textures onto female forms. See some of his photos on his website here.

The evening saw us over in Bruce's neighborhood to have dinner with his son, Jason and his friend Michelle. Very nice meal (and conversation) at Planet Sushi on Montorgueil.

Afterwards nitecaps (and dessert - why not?!) at Le Tambour where Monsieur André wished Jason "bonne chance" with his first wine bar/restaurant dell'uva (André is up to number 24).

If you find yourself in San Francisco be sure to stop by Jason's place - and help make André's wish come true!

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