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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Death of French Culture?

Today I came across the TIME article (Europe Edition) and the various replies it has elicited.

The best insight I read was the following witty equation concerning USAmericans' (not all, of course) view of French culture ... "if it could be reduced to an algebraic formula, it would be: De Gaulle + Sartre + baguette + Sophie Marceau's breasts = the culture of France".

Me? I can't decide between going out for dinner (cheeseburger) or ordering in (pizza) ... in either case a nice glass of rouge!

Let me know what you think ... and if you come up with your own formulation.

Oh, if you need some insipiration here's a quick graphic I just put together:

1 comment:

Rene said...

I would only add sushi to your excellent choices for dinner.

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