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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nuit Blanche N° 6

Tonight, from dusk until dawn tomorrow, the sixth annual "White Night" in Paris with over 150 artists with installations, performances, etc. all around town (new this year: a more "centralized" trajectory that follows the Métro line 14).

I know many friends will be out there wandering about all night - I, myself, will probably start around 8:30pm when they "set fire" to the Tuileries.

Let me know, dear Readers, if you plan to be there (for those far away you can participate, too ... via Second Life, just teleport your avatar to "Second Night"). So, see you there ... or there!

UPDATE: I went with Odile's sister to see the "2,000 points of lights" that were set along the central alley of the Tuileries Gardens. Really magique! Afterwards we walked to the Louvre, open free until almost midnight, and quite suprisingly fairly devoid of crowds, to admire the Mona Lisa and other works of the Italian artists of the period. Afterwards a nice dinner nearby at the Saint Honoré Café (with the French rugby win for dessert).

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