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Sunday, April 22, 2007

A voter ... round 1

Between excitement and trepidation ... today's first round of the French presidential election. I voted just around noon (you can guess whom) and just now the tension has broken with the announcement that the next and final round will be between Ségolène Royan and Sarko (caramba!). Let's hope for the best (again you can guess) ... real change for real progress.

UPDATE: 9:22pm - It's, perhaps, going to be a long pre-election night. We're watching TV commentary with Alain (le Chinois Vert), Anne (our neighbor) and Marie (her friend).

UPDATE: 9:53 just saw Ségo speak at Melle (she's headed back to Paris tonight - maybe we'll go over there) and she was faultless. Very impressive and clearly "présidentiable"".

To close, don't forget that HE said:
"Segolene Royal is someone I've respected for a long time" -French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy

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