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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pizza party!

It's a beautiful, sunny day at Uzès today and we're about 25 friends at Jean-Yves' for a party with home-made pizza (cooked in his outdoor wood-burning oven) to celebrate 7-year-old Anna's birthday.

UPDATE: More than 18 pizzas later I can say we are having a really fun time and that if you want to try what turned out to be a superb recipe for the pizza dough then just go here. The day has been incredibly mild - the sun is still out and strong (at almost 6pm) and the temp is at 18°C (65°F), there is (still) wine, cheese and 3 (!) birthday cakes. Parfait !

UPDATE#2: Dinner at Anne-Marie's in Sanilhac with her two daughters (Julie - down from Paris for a few days, who's heading to Colombia for a month in August - any tips/suggestions from readers? and Jeanne - the young horse-woman).

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johanna piacentino said...

yes josé ! that was a good day !

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