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Friday, November 10, 2006

Octopus's Garden.... in the flow!

Hello, dear readers ... thanks for stopping by (especially since I've had a protracted absence from these blogways). I will try to "just post it" without too much reflection, post-production or concerns about style, pix, etc. (which all slow down, to not say stop, the flow). After all, the main idea of this blog was to keep you up with our activites in Paris (and increasingly for me, due to the "new job", in various parts of Europe).

Tonight, having lugged home a few kilos of fresh octopus from the local market, we're making dinner and having Sylvie, Jean-Marie and Benjamin over for "Pulpo a la Gallega" plus my (world-famous ... almost) "martini-glass" flan mit aquacate, as an opener. Closing with another flan: lemon.

We'll doubtlessly toast to celebrate the Democrats' victories in the USA and wish them all godspeed (gift to the first one of you to guess which wine we'll toast with).

Leave some comments and what YOU are up to tonight - any favorite octopus recipes (!) and whatever is inspiring you these days. Hasta pronto!

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