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Friday, August 25, 2006

Spectacular Chateau ...

Les Fêtes de Nuit de Versailles : Les Noces de l’Enfant Roi

Superb dance piece.
Excellent music by Rita Mitsouko. Very nice cultural evening. (And a big merci to our friend Michel, master of stage scenery, for the freebie tickets!)

The storyline is fascinating -
recounting the marriage of 11 year-old Louis XV with his child bride, 4 year-old Marie Anne - daughter of King Felipe V of Spain. The dancing is spirited, inventive, and lyrical. And there are even fireworks! Impeccably timed and chosen (and right close!). Even the location is magical - the stage is actually set over the water of the Neptune Basin in the gardens of the spectacular (even more so at night) chateau of Versailles.

(click the image for more information - en français)

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