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Friday, May 05, 2006

Brazilian Paradise ...

I reached Odile by phone tonight (well, technically tomorrow since it's post-midnight) at Vila Abraão – Ilha Grande (run by Yayoi and Nilson) - a paradise (as you can see by the picture at left) that I plan to visit in the not too distant future with Madame O. - maybe for her bday (Shsss, don't tell!).

Check out the link above for more info: Y&N are both charming and multi-lingual ... just in case you're thinking of a trip to Brazil - on the coast, not all that far from Rio de Janeiro.

Myself, I took a well-deserved break tonight with some Pietra at le Baron Rouge and a small, but tasty Korean dinner.


René said...

as long as you are checking out paradise, also check out -->

René said...

BTW, I had sent you some emails w info, are you receiving them ok?

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